Hello everyone, my name is Nick and I’m a software developer. I wanna give you guys some tips on the software development process based on a little experience from the front line.

The classic image below(courtesy of http://i.techrepublic.com.com) tells most of the story.


Project Requirements:

  • Make sure you have all the information you need from the client before you write a single line of code.
  • Make sure the client knows what they need and they have given you all the information you need before you write one line of code.
  • Write a spec and make sure you share it with the client and have them confirm that it is exactly what they need. (If possible write the spec together.)
  • Repeat until everything is 100%  clear of what they want to see in the final product.

The point of the above list is that it’ll help you to avoid some issues like you are 98% into the development, finalizing and ready to deliver and the client will come up with something they missed that they need you to add to the application and you’ll have to break down 3 quarters of the app to apply this new feature.  And I have to tell you its not going to be easy.

Finally, make sure you update the clients on your development and if possible make sure they test the product throughout the process to avoid big surprises in design change decisions.

That’s all I have for now, till next time. Yours truly.

Tips from the field for Software Developers
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One thought on “Tips from the field for Software Developers

  • October 8, 2010 at 1:14 pm

    Does anyone know who created this cartoon? It’s great. I’ve seen it several times and have never seen a credit to the author. I’d love to have this hanging in my office.


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