I’m a filmmaker. I write, direct, shoot, edit and produce my own stuff but I can work with others if the content is compelling. I’ve made several documentaries, an action feature film and a short film which won a few prizes in the Australian My Rode Reel short film competition. I do most of my film work using DSLRs. I like to watch and make action films and honestly I am disappointed with the quality and amount of African action films. I hope to change that sometime.

Some of my film work.

My action film Monrovia on Fire is on IMDB.


Monrovia on Fire (2014) – Feature (Writer/Director/Producer/Editor/DP)

Synopsis: An out of work good citizen and seasoned Karate instructor must take the law into his own hands to stop a gang of armed robbers from terrorizing the city.

Watch the trailer below

How I made Monrovia on Fire
Coming soon!

The Arrest (2014) – Short (Writer/Director/Producer/Editor/DP)

Watch the full film below

How I made The Arrest
Watch behind the scenes footage and interviews for THE ARREST below.

Liberia’s Best of the Best (2013) – Documentary (Director/Producer/Editor/DP)

A documentary about Liberia’s top Martial Artists and fighters. Their lives, martial arts and the connect between the two.

How I made this
Footage and behind the scenes photos coming soon!

Alpha Rider (2015) – Documentary (Director/Producer/Editor/DP)

A documentary based on Alpha Malinda, a professional biker and wildlife expert about his life, love for bikes and bike tourism in Tanzania.

Official ALPHA RIDER poster

Official ALPHA RIDER poster


From left to right, Alpha, Nick and Danny, our sound guy.

A trailer for this mini doc is coming soon.


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